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A New Application...Alligators!

By Nite Guard LLC
We recently received back word from a new customer who was testing the Nite Guard Solar® on alligators! She reported back to us after testing our product for several months and here is what she had to say:

"Previously I ordered 4 Nite Guards and you were kind enough to send me 4 additional to continue testing on alligators. We live in South Carolina and have a huge pond behind our home. In the past yeaers, we have always had alligators all summer. I have noticed this year we had one alligator for a short time and I have not seen them back since using your product. My husband and I really appreciate your company allowing us to test your product and report back with very positive results. We realize there is no way to be completely certain, but without a doubt your product has reduced the alligators. Thank you again!"

S. Skelton Campbell, S.C.

Thank YOU, Sue, for testing the product for your alligator situation and reporting back the results! We know that others will find your information useful! Thank you!