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5 Livestock Guardian Dog Breeds

By Nite Guard LLC

Livestock guardian dogs are bred to protect. If you’ve ever met a livestock guardian dog for the first time, the dog most likely put on a big display of barking to get you to leave. That’s the job of a livestock guardian dog. They notice subtle changes in the environment, and keep threats away. Is a strange person approaching? They notice, assess the threat, and bark. Is a coyote stalking on the perimeter? They run and attack if the coyote gets too close to that lamb. Is an owl keeping a watchful eye on the chicken run? They keep a watchful eye on the owl.

Do you need a livestock guardian dog who will dutifully protect your sheep, goats, cattle, and chickens?

If so, the first step is to evaluate your needs before choosing just any livestock guardian dog. The breed you choose should be based on what you need most: a dog who can live in an extremely cold climate, who’s good with children, who can be 24/7 guard, who’s good with strangers, or who’s a great shepherd.

Below are 5 livestock guardian dogs whose strengths are in one or more of these areas.

If You Live in a Cold Climate...


komondor livestock guardian dog

Tibetan Mastiff

tibetan mastiff livestock guardian dog

If You Have Children...

Great Pyrenees

great pyrenees livestock guardian dog

If You Need a 24/7 Guard...

Great Pyrenees

Tibetan Mastiff

If You Have Lots of Neighbors & Visitors...


akbash livestock guardian dog

Polish Tatra Sheepdog

polish tatra sheepdog

If You Raise Sheep...

Polish Tatra Sheepdog

A Note on the Independent Spirit of a Livestock Guardian Dog

Livestock guardian dogs are known for their intelligence. After all, their owners trust them to watch animals on their own! Because livestock guardian dogs have a level of intelligence that allows them to assess and respond to threats on their own, they can sometimes prove stubborn, even when receiving a command from their owner. However, with consistent training, you can teach a livestock guardian dog to obey your commands.

Do you have questions about how to protect your chickens, sheep, goats, or cattle from predators? Call the Nite Guard team at 1-800-328-6647, or send us a message.

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