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21st Annual MOSES Conference

By Nite Guard LLC
I am back in the office today after a great trip to LaCrosse, WI to the 21st Annual Organic Farming Conference held by MOSES (Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service). What an impressive conference they put on! They have both a conference and an organic university that spans 3 power-packed days there. It was my first year attending and I was fortunate enough to learn a lot of interesting information about organic farming...plus was able to participate in a Farmer's Product Showcase and educate people on our Nite Guard Solar® light. It was great to be SO WELL RECEIVED by the attendees there. Many of them had already heard about us during presentations throughout the weekend by other farmers and also through word of mouth and advertisements. I was proud to hear that Vince & Julie Maro of Coon Creek Family Farm spoke about the success they have had with our product keeping owls away from their pasture poultry. I also was so pleased to have Rosanna Baumann stop by my booth and tell me that she, too, had given out information on their success with our product in her Multi Species presentation. We are so thankful to everyone that knows how well our product works and has the passion to share that knowledge with others! Thank you!!