Business & Construction Site Security

construction site securityAs a business owner, you’ve invested your time and money into your venture ― whether it’s a brick and mortar store or a construction site. Protect your business from losses. You can do this by using Nite Guard Solar lights.

Our lights are well-known for keeping away predators like coyote, wolves, and mountain lion. However, an alternative use is to keep away burglars.

How do Nite Guard Solar lights keep away animal predators and burglars?

Mimicry. To coyote, mountain lion, and wolves, our lights mimic the blinking eye of a predator, a threat. Believing themselves to be in harm’s way, they flee. Our lights work in a similar way for burglars, since the flashing red light mimics those used for home or construction site security systems.

Security systems are expensive, so if you’re looking for an affordable option, Nite Guard Solar lights are a great choice.

Here’s what our customers say about using Nite Guard Solar lights as a security system.

I have reduced my theft break-ins to ZERO since using Nite Guard Solar®!

Dr. S.L. Newberry, Townsend GA

I am writing to let you know about another great use for the Nite Guard. A small store here was about to close their doors because of the door being kicked in at night. I took a Nite Guard to the owner and each night he places this where the flashing red light can be seen. It looks like a security system in place. This has stopped the thieves.

The Kaisers, Benton City, WA

I had a 10 acre remote piece of property and was plagued with break-ins and trespassers. Since I put up Nite Guard Solar lights, I have not had one incident.

K. Dupree, Moncks Corner, SC

Protect Your Business and Construction Site

Install Nite Guard Solar lights in your business or on your construction site. You can buy lights in our online shop. Have any questions about how to use Nite Guard Solar lights? Please call the Nite Guard team at 1-800-328-6647, or send us an email.