Deer Techniques

Deer are perhaps the most destructive nocturnal animal in modern times, they
are also the most intelligent and difficult to stop. They act differently than a predator type animal and so we need to approach the placement of the lights differently. You must use four Nite Guard Solar units placed on a single post or pole (cluster mount) 4’ high with each light facing a different direction (North, South, East, West). Center the post in the arePost illustrating deer and lighta to be protected—and then the MOST CRITICAL PART is to move the post approx. every 1-2 weeks. You do not have to move them far, 20 or 30 feet is fine, although more is better. Deer will begin to “pattern” the flashes after a time, and moving them will counter that.

You could also use a perimeter type placement against deer, placing lights 100
feet apart facing outward and approx. 4 feet high. Again, you will need to move
the lights every 1-2 weeks to break the pattern.


Urban deer are especially difficult to stop. Our Repellent Tape used in conjunction with the flash of Nite Guard Solar has proven to repel even the most difficult of deer. Nite Guard Repellent Tape has a holographic finish that will give off a mirror type flash in addition to a rustling sound when the tape is windblown. This additional rustling sound, along with the flashes of the tape and Nite Guard Solar, attacks the hearing sense of deer and intensifies the “fight or flight” response.


A cluster mount is where four lights are secured to one post.