Winter Storage Tips for Nite Guard Solar

During the winter season, your predator problems may be reduced. And because of this, you may be considering removing your Nite Guard Solar lights to store them through the winter months. Before you pull the lights from their posts, we would like to remind you of one of the many noteworthy design features of the Nite Guard Solar light.

Nite Guard Solar founder and inventor, Jim Meyer, designed Nite Guard Solar lights so that they are completely weatherproof.

This means that these lights can withstand even the harshest of winter storms. And, leaving them installed will actually extend their lives.

With this in mind, keep your lights installed through the winter season, when many predators such as coyote are out and about.

The team at Nite Guard Solar recommends keeping your lights installed. Consider that this will enforce to all night predators that your property is “off limits” and a protected area year-round.

More importantly, Nite Guard Solar lights will have a longer life span if activated year-round. And the best way to keep these lights activated is to leave them installed outside, so that the lights can continue to recharge their batteries using solar energy.

If you prefer to cover the flashing red light while leaving the lights outside, take a piece of black electrical tape, and place it over the LED bulb. This way, your lights will still be operating, which will promote their longevity, but will no longer emit or show a flash.

Consider an alternative use for your Nite Guard Solar lights as a home security system. The flashing red light not only resembles the eye of a potential threat when viewed by a predator animal, but to a human intruder, the light also resembles that of a security system.

Thus, after catching sight of the flashing red light, the intruder may think twice before stepping onto your property.

Have any questions about Nite Guard Solar lights, winter storage, and using the lights as a security system?

The Nite Guard Solar team is always happy to answer your questions, and to hear your comments. Give us a call at 1-800-328-6647, or send us an email.

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