“Will a Coyote Attack My Dog?”: Learn How to Protect Pets from Coyotes in Urban Areas

Will a Coyote Attack My Dog

Have you ever wondered, “Will a coyote attack my dog?” Or, “Could a coyote go after my cat?”

If so, you can take action today to protect your pets from coyotes in urban areas. The tips that follow are easy to put into action. They’re also crucial in protecting your dogs, cats, and other pets.

Sticks and Stones

When coyotes move into urban areas, they may frequently come into contact with humans, and over time, they could lose their fear of humans. You don’t want this to happen. As we recommend in “5 Tips: How to Protect Your Dog from Coyote”, use gentle hazing to scare away coyotes, and change their minds about letting their guard down around humans. Throw sticks, throw small rocks, yell, use noisemakers, and wave your arms around. Do this every time you see a coyote, and they’ll learn that humans aren’t as harmless as they may have thought.

No Food, No Problem

Keeping your yard free of food is important. Food is a huge incentive for all living creatures. If a place has easy access to food, animals will come, and they’ll stick around. So, if you keep your trash bin in your backyard, or your dogs and cats have food bowls outside, you need to move all of these indoors. Also, check your yard for food scraps or other food sources that could attract a wild animal, and remove them immediately.

Use Your Leash

If coyotes are active in your neighborhood, letting your dog run around off leash is dangerous. Coyotes are known to lure dogs away. But, if you keep your dog on a leash, you can easily prevent this from happenings. It’s that simple.

Keep Them Away at Night

If you have a pet door, and your dogs and cats like to explore your yard at night, then they could encounter a coyote. To protect your dogs and cats at night, lock your pet door and install Nite Guard Solar lights. These coyote deterrent lights are effective because they’re masters of mimicry. The flashing red lights of a Nite Guard Solar device mimic a predator ― like another, larger coyote ― and activate a coyote’s fight or flight response. Fearing for their survival, the coyote flees.

Shop Nite Guard Solar Lights Online

Protect your pets from coyotes! You can buy a set of Nite Guard Solar lights online. And if you have questions about Nite Guard Solar lights and coyotes in your neighborhood, please feel free to call us at 1-800-328-6647, or send us an email. We’re here to help customers just like you solve your coyote problems.

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