What to Do If Coyotes Are Near Your House

Dog sitting in field

A month ago, Mary looked out her window and noticed coyotes prowling her property. This scared her because she has young children and smaller dogs (three Westies) who all enjoy playing in the sunny yard.

Since Mary noticed the coyotes, she has felt nervous about letting her kids and dogs play in the yard. Now, everyone has been cooped up inside the house while Mary figures out what to do about the coyotes.

Have you ever been in a situation like Mary’s?

Find out what she did to take matters under control.

Find Out Why the Coyotes Are There

First, Mary sought to identify what attracted the coyotes to her property.

Three Small Dogs

What stuck out to her were her three small dogs. Not only do her three Westies play outside in the backyard, often unsupervised, but Mary feeds them outside, too. The coyotes are probably attracted by the dogs, along with their food and water bowls, too.

Because of this, Mary decided to start feeding her dogs in the kitchen. Everyone else gets their food there, so why not the dogs, too?

And when the dogs are in the backyard, Mary now makes an effort to supervise them and keep an eye out for coyote activity, especially at dusk, when coyote and other nocturnal creatures start to become more active.

If You See Coyote, Use Coyote Hazing Skills

Mary reviewed coyote hazing tactics from the Humane Society. Now, next to her backyard screen door, she keeps a bucket filled with large sticks, rocks, empty cans, tennis balls, whistles, pepper spray, and noisemakers that she can use to scare coyotes off her property.

Hazing goes a long way in teaching coyotes to be afraid of humans. Often, coyotes get too comfortable around humans, but throwing a large stick in their direction, yelling, waving your arms, or blowing a whistle all teach coyotes to be on their guard around humans.

Build a Fence and Coyotes Can’t Be in Your Yard

Before winter sets in, Mary is looking into building a taller fence. And she’s planning to install a coyote roller, too.

All of these small steps combined do set you on the path to protecting your family and property from coyote.

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