Three Tips on How to Deter Raccoons

Three Tips on How to Deter Raccoons

Known for preying on chickens and for feasting on gardens, raccoons are nighttime nuisances. To prevent future unwelcome visits, the predator control experts at Nite Guard Solar have compiled three easy tips on how to deter raccoons. Execute these tips, and look forward to a property free from raccoons.

Installing Nite Guard Solar predator deterrent lights is by far the best solution for creating a raccoon free property. Weatherproof and environmentally friendly, the Nite Guard Solar lights are simple to install, last for years, and are highly effective at deterring raccoons.

To install the Nite Guard Solar lights to protect a chicken coop from raccoons, mount four lights (one each) on all four sides of the coop at eye level to the raccoon, about 10 – 15 inches from the ground and centered corner to corner. To protect a garden, place a light about every 25 feet around the garden’s entire perimeter, and put them about 10 – 15 inches from the ground. Placing a light in each direction assures that, no matter where raccoons happen to be on your property, they will be able to see the Nite Guard Solar’s aggressive red eye, and thus be frightened away by this perceived threat.

Another easy way to deter raccoons is to simply avoid being their food source. Attracted to even the faintest of food smells, raccoons enjoy scavenging for garbage and fallen fruit wherever it is easily accessible and in abundance. Prevent raccoons from raiding your garbage bins by securing them in such a way that, even when tipped over, the garbage bins’ lids remains in place. Look into purchasing garbage bins designed with animal proof latches. Also, if you have fruit trees or berry bushes on your property, check for and pick up fallen fruit before raccoons have time to make a late night visit. Cat food is also a favorite raccoon meal.

A broken fence post supplies raccoons with easy entry to your chicken coop and garden. If your property is enclosed by a fence, check for areas of damage to the fence, and repair them immediately. In addition to securing the outermost boundary of your property, use the right type of hardware cloth for your chicken coop, as raccoons are able to reach through mesh cloth with wider openings. Use galvanized mesh hardware cloth with openings that are less than one square inch, which is small enough to keep out the prying hands of raccoons.

Installing the Nite Guard Solar predator deterrent lights, properly securing garbage bins, and repairing fence damage will go a long way in assuring your garden and chicken coop will be safe from raccoons.

If you predator and animal troubles go beyond raccoons, learn how to deter deer and how to protect chickens from coyotes using Nite Guard Solar lights. Also, contact Nite Guard Solar to share your questions and comments on our Nite Guard Solar lights, for installation assistance, and to order our predator deterrent lights. Give us a call at 1-800-328-6647 or send us an email at

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