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Wintertime Remote Cabin Security: 5 Tips to Keep Your Cabin Safe

By Nite Guard LLC

cabin security systemCabins are a refuge from the daily grind. When you return to your cabin on the lake in the springtime for much-needed R&R, you want to dive right into vacay mode. What you don’t want to do is arrive at your property post-burglary. Use these 5 tips to keep your cabin or remote property safe this winter.

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How to Protect Chickens in Winter: Tips from Backyard Poultry

By Nite Guard LLC
Nite Guard Solar Happy New Year!

A new year is ripe with possibility, of setting and completing goals, of making improvements in all areas of life. With a new year ahead of us, we’re interested in your New Year’s resolutions.

For our part, the Nite Guard team set the goal of reaching even more people seeking predator control. And that’s why we were delighted to be mentioned in a recent Backyard Poultry article. read more >

How Nite Guard Solar Can Help Prevent Summer Vacation Burglaries

By Nite Guard LLC
Nite Guard Solar for home securityYour summer vacation is on the horizon. You’re looking forward to relaxing on the beach with a fun read; playing beach volleyball with family and friends; and taking the boat out on the water for some fishing.

That’s where you want to concentrate your thoughts, on all of the fun you’ll have this summer.

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Do YOU Feel Secure?

By Katie Berning
Security is a peace of mind. When we feel that our homes, property, valuables, and loved ones appear and/or are secure...we are more relaxed and confident. Did you know that many people use Nite Guard SolarĀ® as part of their overall security plan for their home and property? read more >