Prevent Owl Attacks During the Winter Season

Owl looking off to the side Between Attacks

Nite Guard Solar founder and inventor, Jim Meyer, has owned and operated Nite Guard Solar’s sister company, Oakwood Game Farm, since 1967. In the almost fifty years that Meyer has worked at Oakwood Game Farm, raising all types of game birds from chukar partridges to ringneck pheasants, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge on how to protect birds from owl attacks during the winter season.

As owls tend to prey on a variety of animals, assuring the survival of a domestic animal population through not only the cold winter temperatures, but also wintertime predator attacks can seem like a challenge. However, with the help of Nite Guard Solar lights, keeping nocturnal predators at bay is a manageable task. Jim’s invention, now copied by many imitations, was originally invented specifically to repel Great Horned Owls and is the only product that will stop these federally protected raptors.

These environmentally-friendly predator deterrent lights automatically activate at dusk, relieving those who raise game birds free of another daily task. Nite Guard Solar lights also switch off in the same manner once the sun begins to rise. Throughout the day, the lights recharge for another night of warding off owls with their flashing red lights that mimic the eye of an aggressor. In all, Nite Guard Solar lights are maintenance free and effective solution to owl attacks.

Nite Guard Solar continues to receive testimonials from many satisfied customers about how our lights have proven extremely effective in bringing a swift end to predator attacks. One of our loyal customers, Dan Turner, who raises chickens in Washington state, at one point was losing chickens every single night due to owl attacks. After installing the Nite Guard Solar lights, the owls were never to be seen again, leaving Turner’s chickens to roost in peace.

If you have been struggling with owl attacks this winter, the team at Nite Guard Solar highly encourages you to contact us to learn more about how our lights can solve your predator problems. Contact Nite Guard Solar by phone at 1-800-328-6647, or send an email to info@niteguard.com.

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