• 5 Livestock Guardian Dog Breeds

    Posted July 5, 2017

    Dogs make great livestock guardian animals; they can be incredibly aggressive towards predators, yet extremely gentle with people and small or young livestock. Livestock guardian dogs can be considered an upgrade to just “any old” farm dog, companion dog, or herding dog. Their specific skill and function (if you haven’t… learn more »

  • How to Deter Turkeys: 5 Humane, Wild Turkey-Friendly Tips

    Posted February 24, 2017

    The first time you caught sight of a wild turkey strutting through your yard might have been exciting. But now, weeks later, you’re not as excited about your new friend. That turkey has devoured your garden and scared away the birds you so enjoyed seeing at thelearn more »

  • Keep Away Wild Boars: A Success Story

    Posted September 14, 2016

    In Texas, they’re called feral hogs. In Arkansas, they’re razorbacks. Whatever the local name for wild boar, everyone agrees that they’re extremely destructive creatures. One of our customers experienced their destructive nature firsthand, before installing Nite Guard Solar lights.

    Irby lives in Texas on 65 acres with a creek and… learn more »

  • How to Keep Skunk Out of Your Yard

    Posted September 2, 2016

    We recently discussed how to keep raccoon out of ponds. Today, we’re continuing in this same vein with a blog post about the raccoon’s stinky friend, the skunk, and how to keep skunk out of your yard.

    Hide the Food

    So, why do skunk end up in your yard… learn more »

  • How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Sweet Corn

    Posted August 4, 2015

    Summer is a time to enjoy the freshest of fruits and veggies. A major part of the summer bounty is sweet corn. You see it growing and ripening in your backyard garden and count the days until you can bite into those juicy, sweet kernels.

    However, your sweet corn… learn more »

  • Nocturnal Hunters & Night Vision

    Posted June 9, 2015

    As certain animals have adapted to the daytime, others have adapted to the night. In order to survive, nocturnal animals evolved senses that would help them navigate, and find food. Most notably, nocturnal animals have eyes that are well-adapted to low light conditions.

    There are three particular eye features that… learn more »

  • A Story of How Nite Guard Solar Protects Chickens from Coyote

    Posted April 8, 2015

    The founder and inventor of Nite Guard Solar, Jim Meyer, understands first hand the challenges of protecting birds from coyote attacks. As the founder and owner of Oakwood Game Farm, the sister company of Nite Guard Solar, Meyer has been raising ringneck pheasant and chukar partridge… learn more »

  • 3 Tips on How to Protect Plants from Deer This Spring

    Posted March 17, 2015

    The joy of watching colorful tulips bloom in the springtime can unfortunately be lost to hungry deer. This spring planting season, enjoy growing tulips and planting new trees without worrying over deer. Learn how to protect plants from deer using these three tips, and look forward to a flourishing… learn more »

  • How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

    Posted September 19, 2013

    In September, gardeners look forward to a bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately for some gardeners, the bounty is sometimes shared with deer. After a summer spent nurturing a healthy and flourishing garden, it can be very frustrating to have a deer takes its fill from your garden. The… learn more »

  • Protecting Your Horses Against Coyote and Other Night Animal Attacks

    Posted July 4, 2010 Will Coyotes Really Attack Horses?

    Even if they’re not yet attacking your herd, coyotes will absolutely attack horses if the circumstances are right. While a horse typically weighs about a thousand pounds (compared to a coyote’s 40), a vulnerable horse can easily become a target — to more than coyotes.…

    learn more »