• How to Keep Coyote Away with Nite Guard Solar

    Posted April 8, 2019

    If you live in Orange County, and have coyote problems, the predator deterrent experts at Nite Guard have the solution for you.

    Orange County has an active coyote population, which unfortunately places people and family pets at risk of dangerous, life-threatening encounters with these animals. And oftentimes, these… learn more »

  • Top Benefits of Using Nite Guard Solar in the Winter

    Posted October 6, 2018

    While you and your family are tucked away warm in your house during the winter, life goes on for wildlife in your area. For many, things become a bit slower as animals burrow in for the cold nights. For others, it’s important to hunt more actively than in summer,… learn more »

  • How to Protect Beehives from Bear, Raccoon & Skunk

    Posted October 2, 2018

    Beehives draw an amazing variety of inquisitive and aggressive visitors. Depending on where you live, your apiary could be the target of skunks, raccoons or even bears seeking the insects and their offspring and the delicious sweet product. If you’re facing some of these critters, count yourself still lucky;… learn more »

  • How to Tell if a Coyote Killed Your Chickens, Livestock, Pets

    Posted October 1, 2018

    Have your pets or livestock or chickens been mysteriously disappearing? Are they showing up with inexplicable wounds? Are you finding signs that point to struggle? Or are you finding cryptic remains that leave you frustrated?

    Closure is important to humans, especially with animals we’ve raised or with whom we’ve… learn more »

  • Find Out How You Can Keep Skunks Away from Your House

    Posted September 21, 2018

    Apart from their strong stench, skunks pose little threat. However, if they get upset, they can spray you, your children, your pets, or your home. And removing that odor can be challenging.

    On top of that, skunks also like to dig in your yard and garden, which can result… learn more »

  • What to Do If Coyotes Are Near Your House

    Posted September 5, 2018

    One afternoon, Mary looked out her window and noticed coyotes coming close to her house. She became afraid because her young children and smaller dogs (three Westies) could often be found playing in her home’s sunny yard.

    Since Mary first saw the coyotes, she has been nervous about letting… learn more »

  • Will a Coyote Attack My Dog? Learn How to Protect Pets from Coyotes in Urban Areas

    Posted June 19, 2018

    There are many advantages to living in a rural or semi-rural area. Plenty of space, starlight on cool summer nights and crickets and cicadas on the breeze. Another familiar noise for rural residents is the coyote call.
    In today’s changing world, coyotes have become bolder, venturing into towns… learn more »

  • How to Keep Raccoons out of Your Garden

    Posted June 4, 2018

    Hungry and mischievous raccoons are getting into your garden, feasting on the literal fruits and vegetables of your labor. Find out how to keep raccoons out of your garden below. These simple tips, some that use materials you have around the house, will get to work protecting your garden immediately.… learn more »

  • How to Keep Raccoons Away from Your House

    Posted May 10, 2018 You want a summer with happy chickens in your backyard coop; a healthy and abundant garden; and a safe and comfortable home for your family and pets. But throw a raccoon into the mix, and these critters can swiftly derail your summer plans. If you need help deterring raccoons, then keep reading. learn more »
  • How to Protect Yourself from Bears when Camping

    Posted May 8, 2018

    Bear country is beautiful country. When we venture into the wild, and into the habitat of black bears and grizzlies, it’s important to take a few precautions that will protect us and bears.

    Here are 2 tips on how to protect yourself from bears when camping. You can use… learn more »