Losing Sleep Because Coyote are Killing Your Goats?

Your eyes snap open, you look at the clock, its 3 a.m. and the sound of the howling pierces the night. There is no doubt what this is – a pack of coyotes has moved in close and are probably headed for the stock you moved into the north pasture last week. Your mind races: the snares and traps you’ve set better do their job or you will be out several head of prized goats. The stock is probably up and nervous. Should I head out with the gun?

How many times have you experienced this or something similar in the past?

Night predators are not evil creatures. They are merely living their lives the best they can, like the rest of us. But to a goat raiser – coyote, wolf, bobcat and bear are anything but welcome when you have time and money invested.

For years controlling night predators has been a series of trap lines and snares, guard dogs and night patrol and a whole lot of worry and anxiety. Now something easier and more effective has come along and you don’t have to feed it or go through the unpleasant and time consuming work of trapping. Better yet, it does not harm the predators (who are just trying to find a meal) but it repels them.

Scientific studies done many, many years ago and centered mostly around trying to keep deer and cars from colliding, proved that a red flash of light could alarm and repel deer. From those studies it was determined red was a universal alarm color for all animals and that red reflectors on roadways could provide that flash from headlights of cars. Deer perceived the flash as the eye of another animal, felt threatened and would shrink back from the area. However, the studies, conducted in Europe had limited success as the road reflectors became covered with road grime impairing the flash and for a number of other problems.

For over 40 years I have owned and operated a commercial pheasant raising operation and had become quite familiar and disgusted with our heavy losses to predators, most of which did their worst during the dark of night. Our own society had evolved to the point of obsessing with the protection of many predator type animals especially owls and hawks – which were (and continue to be) federally protected. It was becoming difficult and in some cases illegal to protect the livestock confined on our own property.

Curious about the European studies concerning deer, I started experimenting about 10 years ago with a red flash of light in terms of stopping common night predators. It was clear from the start it had promise. Using data from the European studies and after several years of testing and improvements to the product we formed the company Nite Guard, LLC and began to market a remarkably effective and affordable product entitled Nite Guard. Today, we sell thousands of these units all across the country.

Powered by the sun or daylight, this very portable, weatherproof, solar powered unit gives off a specially designed LED red flash that predators perceive as the “eye” of another animal or a human. The night predator senses being watched by this “eye”, feels threatened and leaves the area. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, we were our worst critics and spent nearly five years testing Nite Guard under the worst of weather conditions and on every night predator in the country. Nite Guard has proven to stop raccoon, bobcat, coyote, wolf and bear. It also has been tested successfully on owls, hawks, wild boar, weasel and mink. All night animals share this same deeply rooted fear of being watched and Nite Guard does exactly that – it provides that fear and protects livestock. An unanticipated benefit was human intruders believed the flash to be security system in place. That was certainly a good thing, now you will protect your property as well as your livestock.

With Nite Guards in place, the next 3 a.m. wakeup call you get – just roll over and go back to a peaceful sleep. Those frustrated coyotes you just heard from far away will not come near your goats. We guarantee it.

Jim Meyer is the owner and founder of Nite Guard, LLC. In addition to his company Nite Guard, Meyer has operated his commercial pheasant raising operation in East Central Minnesota for over 40 years. He has written many articles both on the subject of game production and predator control.

Written by Jim Meyer, CEO, Nite Guard, LLC PO Box 274 Princeton MN 55371. Copyright 2007 – 2011, Nite Guard, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use of any images, illustrations, descriptions, or article content without written permission is strictly prohibited under copyright law. Nite Guard Solar is a registered trademark of Nite Guard, LLC.

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