How to Keep Raccoons Out of Ponds — 5 Tips

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The best place to spend a cool and breezy summer evening is in a lounge chair next to your pond, ice-cold glass of lemonade in hand. After all of the work that went into the building and maintaining your pond, you deserve to have a raccoon-free place to relax. Whether it is a garden pond or fish pond, learn how to deter raccoons.

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Ponds — 5 Tips:

1. Remove all possible food sources.

Don’t attract raccoons to your yard. Raccoons will eat just about anything, from scraps they find in your garbage cans to your pet’s food to rotten apples beneath your apple tree. Because of their unrestrained appetite, it’s important to store your garbage cans indoors, either in your garage or shed. If you can’t do that, use animal-proof trash cans. Also, bring your pet’s feeding bowls indoors after they’re finished eating, store your bird feeder each evening, and scan your yard for any other potential food sources.

2. Create a steep decline from the pond’s edge to the deepest part of the pond.

After eliminating all potential food sources, it’s time to address the pond. Raccoon will be curious about what lies beneath the water. However, raccoon are known to dislike being submerged in water, so remove their ability to reach your fish by creating a deep pond. Rather than a steady decline from the pond’s edge to the deepest part of the pond, modify your pond so that the edges instantly drop 2 or more feet to the pond’s bottom.

3. Use hot sauce to keep raccoon away from the edge of your pond. 

Liberally sprinkle the perimeter of your pond with hot sauce or homemade cayenne pepper spray. If your pets and children play in the yard around your pond, skip this tip.

4. Consider an electric fence. 

Install a small electric fence around your pond, if this is possible where you live. The electrified wire needs to be about 6” from the ground. Again, if your pets and children play in the yard around your pond, skip the electric fence.

5. Install deterrent lights.

Nite Guard Solar lights create a protected environment where raccoon don’t even get close enough to notice you have a pond. Use the “cluster mount” at your pond. Place 1 Nite Guard Solar light on each face of a four-sided post. This will ensure that no matter the direction of approach, the raccoon will see the flashing red light of your Nite Guard Solar device.


Below are testimonials from people who once struggled with raccoon problems. Then, they installed Nite Guard Solar lights, and their raccoon problems became a thing of the past.

“I have a small pond in my yard with goldfish that grew from feeder fish to 10 inch beauties over the course of nine years. Young have been born and the pond was a delight until raccoons discovered it three years ago. The plants were trashed, water muddied, filters destroyed, and the raccoons provided the ultimate insult of bringing the fish up on the deck and consuming them in one of the chairs there. I tried leaving a radio on at night, hanging containers of coyote urine, leaving lights on, nothing helped. Then I got a trap and caught several raccoons and relocated them about 4 miles away near a reservoir. I actually marked one of them with spray paint. I caught that one again two nights later. Still they messed up the pond and killed fish. Last spring I saw ordered four of your Nite Guards. I faced them in four directions around the pond about 18 inches from the ground. HOORAY, they worked and are still working. I have had absolutely no problem since I hung those little wonders up. I oh so heartily recommend them. They have given me a summer of peace.”
— Jane P. Connerton, Newport, RI

“I lost every duck and goose on my pond to raccoons and coyotes and then re-stocked the pond and installed the Nite Guard lights. After that I did not lose a single bird.”
— J Crawford, Jackson, TN

“I have used your lights since 1999 and have not had one raccoon problem since. I gave one of the lights to my neighbor to use and he has not had any problems either. The original lights are still working. I highly recommend your product.”
— Darrell Burdge, Hazlegreen, KY

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