How to Protect Cats from Coyote

Cat with text: How to Protect Cats from Coyote with Nite Guard Solar

In many a household, pets are considered members of the family, and because of this designation, to lose the family cat in a coyote attack would be truly devastating. Taking a handful of necessary steps can go a long way in preventing a tragedy. Also, the sense of reassurance that comes with properly safeguarding your cat from coyote is immeasurable. Learn how to protect cats from coyote using the tips outlined in this article from the predator deterrent experts at Nite Guard Solar.

Food Outside of the Home

As most anyone knows if their property has ever been paid a visit by a coyote, these predators are fairly indiscriminate in their food preferences. Whatever is accessible to them is a source of food. Herein lies a solution. Cut off access, and the predator will most likely lose interest.

If possible, store garbage in animal-proof containers, or inside of a secured structure, like a shed or a garage.

In addition to garbage, think about other potential sources of food that can be found on your property. Do you have fruit trees? Do you have bird feeders? A garden? If coyote are particularly active in your area, remember to frequently gather fruit from trees and any that may have fallen to the ground. Also, bird feeders may offer great at-home bird watching, but it is best to take these down as a precautionary measure. As for gardens, do the same as with fruit-bearing trees, and harvest as frequently as possible, and securely dispose of any rotten vegetation.

Coyote Repellent Lights

Through first-hand experience, and in our many years of working with our loyal customers, the team at Nite Guard Solar is very familiar with the challenges presented by predators. Our coyote repellent lights provide cat owners with an easy and maintenance-free solution to their predator problems.

Nite Guard Solar lights emit a continual red flash of light, which to a coyote appears as the eye of an aggressor. The coyote’s survival instinct kicks in, and the animal runs for safety, leaving your property and your family cat out of harm’s way.

Nite Guard Solar lights have a simple installation process. How our lights are installed depends upon the size of your property. Learn more on how to properly install Nite Guard Solar lights on your property.

The Nite Guard Solar team hopes that through the simple strategies outlined here, you and your family will feel confident that your family cat is protected from coyote attacks.

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