How to Protect Calves from Coyotes: Non-Lethal Solutions

Lots of hard work goes into tending cattle, so losing a calf to coyotes is devastating. In this post, learn how to protect calves from coyotes using non-lethal solutions.

The Llama Mama

Llama guard coyotes

Llamas are natural-born protectors, and they can be trained to protect calves. In fact, they’re so effective at deterring coyotes and other predators, ranchers are turning more and more to llamas as guards, sometimes in addition to a pack of guard dogs.

See llama protection in action in this instructive video from Fair Oaks Farm below.


And here’s another video from Minnesota Public Radio about a farmer who uses llamas to guard his property from thieves.



When ranching is your bread and butter, it’s important to experiment with a number of predator deterrent strategies, so that you find out what works best on your ranch. As many of our customers know from experience, Nite Guard Solar lights effectively deter nocturnal hunters—from coyote to owl to raccoon.

Nite Guard Solar lights are effective at what they do because they master mimicry. To a coyote, the flashing red light of a Nite Guard Solar device mimics the flashing eye of a predator.

In the presence of another predator, one that could put the coyote’s life at risk, the coyote thinks twice about stealing away with the calf. Fearing death or injury, the coyote flees your property, and your calves are safe.

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We’re here to help!

If you need help with your predator deterrent strategy, we’re here to help!

Need advice on the best places to install Nite Guard Solar lights on your property?

Or, do you need help identifying a predator? The Nite Guard Solar team knows animal tracks and scat. Share descriptions and photos of what you find, and we’ll help you determine which predator is disturbing your property.

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