How to Protect Beehives from Bear, Raccoon & Skunk

Beekeepers face a whole host of challenges, and among them are hungry bear, raccoon, and skunk. This fall, deter bear, raccoon, and skunk and protect your bee yard. Follow the 2 tips outlined below, and you’ll be relieved of the worry that comes with having curious animals on your property.

Tip #1: Install an electric net fence

If a bear has paid a nocturnal visit to your bee yard, and you’ve awoken to the incredible destruction that they can create, then you understand the sheer power of these animals. Not just any fence will deter bear, and that’s why we suggest using an electric net fence.

The recommended voltage for bear-deterring electric fences is high. The Colorado Department of Wildlife recommends a voltage between 7,000 – 10,000 because bears are thickly insulated with layers of fur, skin, and fat.

And with such a powerful charge, it is of the utmost importance to take all necessary precautions to keep yourself, your family, and your pets safe while the fence is in operation.

When your electric net fence is up and running, check your power source, which may be a battery, often. You want to make sure that the fence is running optimally, and can put out a high-voltage shock. Otherwise, a curious bear may not even notice the shock if your power source is running low, and they’ll walk right through your fence to get after your hive boxes.

Tip #2: Install Nite Guard Solar lights

Nite Guard Solar is a safe, humane, and effective way to protect your bee yard and deter bear, raccoon, and skunk. Nite Guard Solar animal deterrent lights are recognized immediately by these animals as being a potential threat―the same cannot be said of an electric fence.

The flashing red lights of the Nite Guard Solar appear to the bear, raccoon, and skunk as the blinking eyes of another animal. Not wanting to get caught in a potentially harmful confrontation, these nocturnal foragers quickly run off, leaving your bee yard unharmed and safe.

Hear what our happy customers have to say.

“I have 9 honeybee hives at my house and live on a ridge with black bears in both valleys. The bears have gotten into my garbage cans 600 feet from my house, but have not bothered my bees since I installed the Nite Guard Solar lights. They must be working. I just ordered more.” ― Dean in Independence, WV

“Ever since 2011 we started using Nite Guard around our 100′ x 60′ garden in the Berkshires. We have not lost one plant to deer, bear, coyote or rabbits. Everyone that I tell about it is a bit doubtful at first. I have told each one if they are not happy with your product I would buy it from them and use it myself. One friend in VT had bears into his bee hives which were surrounded by electric wire, with Nite Guard the bears have stayed away. The key is to move the units every so often. I recommended it to a local CSA farmer, he has not taken me up on my buy back offer. They really work!” ― Joe von Korff, Port Washington, NY


Shop for our animal deterrent lights online by visiting http://shop.niteguard.com/products/nite-guard-solar. You can also find Nite Guard Solar lights at a retailer near you; if you need help locating a local retailer, give us a call at 1-800-328-6647, or send us an email, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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