How to Keep Owls Away

Owls Watching out for Nite Guard Deterrent

Think of the relief you would feel from knowing that your cats, dogs, and chickens are safe from owls. If owls are on your property threatening the safety of your animals, follow the tips below to keep owls away and make sure your animals are happy and stress-free.

Are You Unintentionally Feeding Owls?

You could be providing owls a steady food source without even knowing it. Do you have a bird feeder frequented by smaller birds? Or, do you have brush piles in your yard where rodents may have set up camp? Bird feeders attract smaller birds, which are owl prey. And the same goes for brush piles, which attract rodents, who are also prime owl prey.

Remove an owl’s temptation to use your yard as a hunting ground by storing your bird feeder and clearing away brush piles.

Are You Providing Owls Easy Access to Your Animals?

Secure your chicken run from all sides, especially from above. Your goal is to set up a physical barrier that stops owls from swooping into the chicken run. To achieve this, cover the top of your chicken run with bird netting.

If you have small cats and dogs, limit and supervise their time out in the yard. If you let your small cats and dogs roam around the yard unsupervised, limit their outside access at dusk, during the night, and at dawn, which are the times when owls, like the great horned owl, are active and hunting. Also, if you do let your pets out to play in the yard, keep a close eye on them, so that you can scare away any owls.

Lock Down the Fort

Protect your property by installing Nite Guard Solar lights and Nite Guard Repellent Tape. Using these lights and flash tape will keep your property protected from hungry owls 24/7.

Have Questions About Owls?

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