How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

In September, gardeners look forward to a bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately for some gardeners, the bounty is sometimes shared with deer. After a summer spent nurturing a healthy and flourishing garden, it can be very frustrating to have a deer takes its fill from your garden. The team at Nite Guard Solar understands first hand how deer can ravage a garden, which is why we created a proven way to keep deer out of gardens.

In fact, we just heard from a couple in North Carolina about how their pea plants were saved this year after they installed Nite Guard Solar lights to deter deer. Instead of battling deer, like in previous years, the couple now has to battle their enormous pea harvest. That is the kind of outcome we like to hear about!

To use the Nite Guard Solar lights to keep deer out of a garden:

  • We recommend mounting the predator deterrent lights to a post located in the center of the garden. Secure a four foot high post in the ground, and mount four Nite Guard Solar lights to each side of the post. This type of installation is called a cluster mount.
  • After about a week, move the lights within the garden or near the garden if the area is small. The lights should be moved every 1 – 2 weeks so that the deer confront the lights in a new location, and thus perceive the lights as a new threat in the area.
  • For aggressive deer, Nite Guard also offers a Nite Guard Repellent Tape that can be used in conjunction with Nite Guard Solar.

The team at Nite Guard Solar has heard from a number of gardeners throughout the years who have tried our Nite Guard Solar lights to deter deer. They have shared their success stories with us about how our predator deterrent lights saved their garden and their harvest. If you are having trouble with deer destroying your garden, install the Nite Guard Solar lights, and let us know how they have solved your deer problem.

For more information

For information on how Nite Guard Solar can keep deer out of your garden, contact Nite Guard Solar by calling 1-800-328-6647 or by sending an email to info@niteguard.com.

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