Chicken Protection from Hawks

How to Protect Chickens from Hawks

You work hard to raise your chickens and to ensure they are healthy and happy. So, when a hawk pays an unwelcome visit, you need to provide adequate protection. Losing a chick or hen is devastating for you and your entire flock. Avoid this situation by using the tips outlined here.

How to Protect Chickens from Hawks

1. Install a Roof

If you securely cover your chicken run, keeping hawks out is easy. Now, how you choose to cover your run depends on a few factors. Do you want a temporary or permanent solution? What is your project budget? Do you want to provide protection along with shade?

Back in the ‘80s, a writer for Mother Earth News described a moment of inspiration when she realized that fishing line may be useful for more than catching fish. She placed fishing line across the top of her run, forming a web. This worked for her, but she mentioned that fishing line deteriorates. So, this is a temporary solution.

If you need a permanent roof, use wire. Chicken wire and hardware cloth are great options. You could even create a combination roof that’s part wire and part tarp to give your chickens some shade.

Another option is game bird netting, which is what we use at Oakwood Game Farm.

Oakwood Game Farm using bird netting

2. Use a Decoy

Use a scarecrow and move it around frequently to keep the hawk on its guard. Hawks are also scared of owls. Owl decoys are a great addition to your backyard to protect chickens.

3. Get a Guard

Employ a livestock guardian dog to watch over your flock. They are known to fearlessly protect chickens.

4. Bright, Noisy Flash Tape

Install Nite Guard Repellent Tape, a durable, extra-wide flash tape. The simultaneous bright flashes and unexpected loud crackling noises from our flash tape frighten hawks. Fearing for their safety, the hawk flies away, and your chickens are safe.

5. Get a Rooster

Consider adding a rooster to your flock to keep an eye and sound an alarm if needed.

Want to know more about how to use Nite Guard Repellent Tape to keep your chickens safe? The team at Nite Guard is happy to help! Contact us by phone at 1-800-328-6647, or send us an email.

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