Wild Turkey

  • How Do You Keep Wild Turkeys Off of Your Property?

    Posted November 24, 2020 by webshine

    Do you have a problem with wild turkeys coming onto your property and destroying your landscaping? Are you looking for a way to scare the birds away, so they don’t damage your garden further? If you are, it’s time to start implementing solutions that deter wild turkeys from entering…

  • Is There Anything That Scares Off Wild Turkeys?

    Posted May 6, 2020 by webshine

    The first time you find wild turkeys in your yard, you may be excited at the little piece of nature that’s come to visit your home. When they make a habit of it though, you eventually get a firsthand look at how destructive a rafter of turkeys can be.…

  • How to Deter Turkeys: 5 Humane, Wild Turkey-Friendly Tips

    Posted February 24, 2017 by webshine

    The first time you caught sight of a wild turkey strutting through your yard might have been exciting. But now, weeks later, you’re not as excited about your new friend. That turkey has devoured your garden and scared away the birds you so enjoyed seeing at the