A Story of How Nite Guard Solar Protects Chickens from Coyote

The founder and inventor of Nite Guard Solar, Jim Meyer, understands first hand the challenges of protecting birds from coyote attacks. As the founder and owner of Oakwood Game Farm, the sister company of Nite Guard Solar, Meyer has been raising ringneck pheasant and chukar partridge since 1967. Through his experiences at Oakwood Game Farm, in particular the work necessary to create a safe and predator-free environment for game birds, Meyer resolved that the predator deterrent products market was still without a widely available solution that was effective while making the task of protecting game birds and other property easy, maintenance-free, and affordable.

It was then that Meyer began his research and development into what are now the Nite Guard Solar lights.

How to Protect Chickens From Coyote | Nite Guard
Many of our loyal customers have turned to Nite Guard Solar lights after coyote paid a nocturnal visit to their chicken coops, resulting in the loss of one or more chickens. In fact, the Hatfield family from Columbus, Indiana had lost so many chickens on a nightly basis to coyote attacks that they jokingly referred to their coop as the “local Coyote Kentucky Fried Chicken”. The Hatfields had turned to a number of methods for scaring coyote off of their property, all of which left them at square one and with a dwindling chicken population.

It was then that the Hatfield family decided to try the Nite Guard Solar lights. They installed our predator deterrent lights, and have since had a property free of coyote, leaving their chickens safe and sound in their coop.

One key aspect of Nite Guard predator deterrent lights is that they are environmentally-friendly, meaning that on either side of the predator and prey relationship, neither party tallies casualties. The Hatfield family pointed out to our team at Nite Guard that they particularly appreciated this aspect of our lights as it respects and maintains the natural order.

How to Protect Chickens From Coyote | Nite Guard
If your chicken coop has been plagued nightly by coyote attacks, we encourage you to install our lights today for instant results. To learn more about installing Nite Guard Solar lights to protect chickens from coyotes, visit our installation instructions guide.

We always enjoy hearing from our customers about their experiences using Nite Guard Solar lights. Share your feedback with us today. Contact Nite Guard Solar by phone at 1-800-328-6647, or send us an email.

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