• Wild Hogs Tearing Up My Yard: Try These Tips

    Wild hogs, wild pigs, feral pigs, feral hogs, razorbacks—they go by many names, but one thing is certain, they cause a lot of property damage. What can you do to keep wild hogs from tearing up your yard? The first step has nothing to do with building a fence or calling animal control. Instead, you need to find out why the wild hogs are on your property in the first place. learn more »
  • How to Keep Raccoons Out of Ponds — 5 Tips

    The best place to spend a cool and breezy summer evening is in a lounge chair next to your pond, ice-cold glass of lemonade in hand. After all of the work that went into the building and maintaining your pond, you deserve to have a raccoon-free place to relax.… learn more »

  • How to Keep Coyotes Away — 5 Tips

    Have you seen evidence of the local coyote population on your own property? Coyote tracks? Tipped-over trash cans? Is coyote behavior becoming a threat to your sanity? With rural, suburban, and urban coyotes all increasing in numbers, it’s becoming more and more important to take precautions andlearn more »

  • How to Protect Vineyards from Birds & Orchards from Deer

    As an owner of an orchard or a vineyard, your top concern is not losing your harvest. This is all too easy when your orchard or vineyard is open to hungry deer and birds. These creatures can kill young fruit trees, spread disease from plant to plant, and compromise… learn more »

  • Nite Guard Solar & Pond Predator Control

    Owning a fish or duck pond in your backyard can bring much pleasure and tranquility throughout the year. However, it may be difficult to summon such enjoyment when this pond becomes threatened by a predator. Rather than wait for a predator to discover your pond as an unprotected source of… learn more »

  • How to Protect Purple Martins

    Having the opportunity to look after one or more purple martin homes can be both a fun and challenging pastime, fun because of the incredible bird-watching opportunities, and challenging due to the presence of purple martin predators. Like a chicken coop, a garden, and a meadow with grazing livestock,… learn more »

  • 2018 Nite Guard Holiday Gift Guide

    Our annual holiday gift guide includes gifts locally crafted in Minnesota. Happy Holidays from the team at Nite Guard. learn more »
  • What Are Wild Turkeys Afraid Of?

    At first, you may be delighted and surprised to see a wild turkey in your backyard. But as the days and weeks pass, you may find wild turkeys are eating your garden, scaring away birds, or frightening your children. learn more »
  • Find Out How You Can Keep Skunks Away from Your House

    Apart from their strong stench, skunks pose little threat. However, if they get upset, they can spray you, your children, your pets, or your home. And removing that odor can be challenging. learn more »
  • Chicken Protection from Hawks

    You work hard to raise your chickens and to ensure they are healthy and happy. So, when a hawk pays an unwelcome visit, you need to provide adequate protection. Losing a chick or hen is devastating for you and your entire flock. Avoid this situation by using the tips… learn more »

  • How to Keep Coyote Away with Nite Guard Solar

    If you live in Orange County, and have coyote problems, the predator deterrent experts at Nite Guard have the solution for you.

    Orange County has an active coyote population, which unfortunately places people and family pets at risk of dangerous, life-threatening encounters with these animals. And oftentimes, these… learn more »

  • What Are Wild Turkeys Afraid Of?

    At first, you may be delighted and surprised to see a wild turkey in your backyard. But as the days and weeks pass, you may find wild turkeys are eating your garden, scaring away birds, or frightening your children.

    It’s time to learn more about wild turkeys and more… learn more »

  • Find Out How You Can Keep Skunks Away from Your House

    Apart from their strong stench, skunks pose little threat. However, if they get upset, they can spray you, your children, your pets, or your home. And removing that odor can be challenging.

    On top of that, skunks also like to dig in your yard and garden, which can result… learn more »

  • What to Do If Coyotes Are Near Your House

    A month ago, Mary looked out her window and noticed coyotes prowling her property. This scared her because she has young children and smaller dogs (three Westies) who all enjoy playing in the sunny yard.

    Since Mary noticed the coyotes, she has felt nervous about letting her kids and… learn more »

  • How to Keep Owls Away

    Think of the relief you would feel from knowing that your cats, dogs, and chickens are safe from owls. If owls are on your property threatening the safety of your animals, follow the tips below to keep owls away and make sure your animals are happy and stress-free.… learn more »

  • How to Protect Cats from Coyote

    In many a household, pets are considered members of the family, and because of this designation, to lose the family cat in a coyote attack would be truly devastating. Taking a handful of necessary steps can go a long way in preventing a tragedy. Also, the sense of reassurance… learn more »

  • How to Keep Raccoons out of Your Garden

    Hungry and mischievous raccoons are getting into your garden, feasting on the literal fruits and vegetables of your labor. Find out how to keep raccoons out of your garden below. These simple tips, some that use materials you have around the house, will get to work protecting your garden immediately.… learn more »

  • How to Protect Yourself from Bears when Camping

    Bear country is beautiful country. When we venture into the wild, and into the habitat of black bears and grizzlies, it’s important to take a few precautions that will protect us and bears.

    Here are 2 tips on how to protect yourself from bears when camping. You can use… learn more »

  • How to Keep Woodpeckers Away from Your House

    Woodpeckers are hammering away at your home’s siding and you’re ready to do something about it. So, what are your options when it comes to keeping woodpeckers away from your house?

    First, let’s find out why the woodpeckers chose your home. To do this, you’ll need to step out… learn more »

  • How to Tell if a Coyote Killed Your Chickens, Livestock, Pets

    How can you tell if a coyote killed your chickens, livestock, or pets? Here, we describe the coyote’s kill style to help you determine if a coyote is your culprit.

    Coyote Kill Style

    Coyotes attack and kill their prey with a bite to the throat. Wounds on the flank,… learn more »

  • 5 Livestock Guardian Dog Breeds

    Dogs make great livestock guardian animals; they can be incredibly aggressive towards predators, yet extremely gentle with people and small or young livestock. Livestock guardian dogs can be considered an upgrade to just “any old” farm dog, companion dog, or herding dog. Their specific skill and function (if you haven’t… learn more »

  • “Will a Coyote Attack My Dog?”: Learn How to Protect Pets from Coyotes in Urban Areas

    Have you ever wondered, “Will a coyote attack my dog?” Or, “Could a coyote go after my cat?”

    If so, you can take action today to protect your pets from coyotes in urban areas. The tips that follow are easy to put into action. They’re also crucial in protecting… learn more »

  • How to Keep Raccoons Away from Your House

    You want a summer with happy chickens in your backyard coop; a healthy and abundant garden; and a safe and comfortable home for your family and pets. But throw a raccoon into the mix, and these critters can swiftly derail your summer plans. If you need help deterring raccoons, then keep reading. learn more »
  • How to Deter Turkeys: 5 Humane, Wild Turkey-Friendly Tips

    The first time you caught sight of a wild turkey strutting through your yard might have been exciting. But now, weeks later, you’re not as excited about your new friend. That turkey has devoured your garden and scared away the birds you so enjoyed seeing at thelearn more »

  • Wintertime Remote Cabin Security: 5 Tips to Keep Your Cabin Safe

    Cabins are a refuge from the daily grind. When you return to your cabin on the lake in the springtime for much-needed R&R, you want to dive right into vacay mode. What you don’t want to do is arrive at your property post-burglary. Use these 5 tips to keep… learn more »

  • Keep Away Wild Boars: A Success Story

    In Texas, they’re called feral hogs. In Arkansas, they’re razorbacks. Whatever the local name for wild boar, everyone agrees that they’re extremely destructive creatures. One of our customers experienced their destructive nature firsthand, before installing Nite Guard Solar lights.

    Irby lives in Texas on 65 acres with a creek and… learn more »

  • How to Keep Skunk Out of Your Yard

    We recently discussed how to keep raccoon out of ponds. Today, we’re continuing in this same vein with a blog post about the raccoon’s stinky friend, the skunk, and how to keep skunk out of your yard.

    Hide the Food

    So, why do skunk end up in your yard… learn more »

  • How to Protect Calves from Coyotes: Non-Lethal Solutions

    Lots of hard work goes into tending cattle, so losing a calf to coyotes is devastating. In this post, learn how to protect calves from coyotes using non-lethal solutions.

    The Llama Mama

    Llamas are natural-born protectors, and they can be trained to protect calves. In fact, they’re so effective… learn more »

  • Winter Storage Tips for Nite Guard Solar

    During the winter season, your predator problems may be reduced. And because of this, you may be considering removing your Nite Guard Solar lights to store them through the winter months. Before you pull the lights from their posts, we would like to remind you of one of the many… learn more »

  • How to Protect Beehives from Bear, Raccoon & Skunk

    Beekeepers face a whole host of challenges, and among them are hungry bear, raccoon, and skunk. This fall, deter bear, raccoon, and skunk and protect your bee yard. Follow the 2 tips outlined below, and you’ll be relieved of the worry that comes with having curious animals on your property.… learn more »

  • 3 Tips to Solve Your Feral Cat Problem

    When you leave your house in the morning, do you spot that same frustrating feral cat using your garden as a litter box? Or, when you come home in the evening, are feral cats napping in the sun on your patio? If you have a feral cat problem, we’re here… learn more »

  • How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Sweet Corn

    Summer is a time to enjoy the freshest of fruits and veggies. A major part of the summer bounty is sweet corn. You see it growing and ripening in your backyard garden and count the days until you can bite into those juicy, sweet kernels.

    However, your sweet corn… learn more »

  • Nocturnal Hunters & Night Vision

    As certain animals have adapted to the daytime, others have adapted to the night. In order to survive, nocturnal animals evolved senses that would help them navigate, and find food. Most notably, nocturnal animals have eyes that are well-adapted to low light conditions.

    There are three particular eye features that… learn more »

  • A Story of How Nite Guard Solar Protects Chickens from Coyote

    The founder and inventor of Nite Guard Solar, Jim Meyer, understands first hand the challenges of protecting birds from coyote attacks. As the founder and owner of Oakwood Game Farm, the sister company of Nite Guard Solar, Meyer has been raising ringneck pheasant and chukar partridge… learn more »

  • 3 Tips on How to Protect Plants from Deer This Spring

    The joy of watching colorful tulips bloom in the springtime can unfortunately be lost to hungry deer. This spring planting season, enjoy growing tulips and planting new trees without worrying over deer. Learn how to protect plants from deer using these three tips, and look forward to a flourishing… learn more »

  • Prevent Owl Attacks During the Winter Season

    Nite Guard Solar founder and inventor, Jim Meyer, has owned and operated Nite Guard Solar’s sister company, Oakwood Game Farm, since 1967. In the almost fifty years that Meyer has worked at Oakwood Game Farm, raising all types of game birds from chukar partridges to… learn more »

  • Three Tips on How to Deter Raccoons

    Known for preying on chickens and for feasting on gardens, raccoons are nighttime nuisances. To prevent future unwelcome visits, the predator control experts at Nite Guard Solar have compiled three easy tips on how to deter raccoons. Execute these tips, and look forward to a property free from raccoons.… learn more »

  • How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

    In September, gardeners look forward to a bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately for some gardeners, the bounty is sometimes shared with deer. After a summer spent nurturing a healthy and flourishing garden, it can be very frustrating to have a deer takes its fill from your garden. The… learn more »

  • Protecting Horses Against Coyote and Other Night Predator Attacks

    Written by Jim Meyer, Inventor of Nite Guard Solar®

    Today we received a call from a customer who was concerned about coyote around their horses. This prompted me to locate a great article that Jim Meyer, the inventor of Nite Guard Solar® once wrote for a major horse publication. Don’t… learn more »

  • Raccoons Eating Turtles

    We just recently have had an influx of calls from the southwestern part of the country. People raising turtles are having problems with raccoon coming in the night and destroying their turtles. Not to be too graphic, but the raccoon dig the turtles out of the ground and then eat… learn more »

  • Protecting Your Horses Against Coyote and Other Night Animal Attacks

    Will coyotes attack horses?

    The damage and injury from nocturnal predators to horses, especially foals, can be serious. The trauma inflicted on these animals we love so much is extremely hard to witness, and the cost can be immeasurable. Physiological and behavioral stress, as well as bodily injury, often occur.…

    learn more »
  • Losing Sleep Because Coyote are Killing Your Goats?

    Your eyes snap open, you look at the clock, its 3 a.m. and the sound of the howling pierces the night. There is no doubt what this is – a pack of coyotes has moved in close and are probably headed for the stock you moved into the north pasture… learn more »