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opossum repellent and opossum deterrent

Opossum Repellent & Opossum Deterrent

Do you have a possum problem? Are opossums attacking your chickens? You can keep your chickens safe at night with Nite Guard Solar lights ― an effective opossum repellent. Start protecting your chicken yard today.

Installation Instructions for Opossum

To install Nite Guard Solar lights to deter opossum, put the lights approximately 25-50 feet apart, around all four sides (perimeter mount) and eye level to the predator, approximately 10-15 inches off the ground. Once installed, Nite Guard Solar lights turn on automatically at dusk and turn off automatically at dawn. Learn how Nite Guard Solar lights repel opossums.


My backyard seems to be raccoon alley. I have seen at least 20+ in the years that I have lived here. In fact my dog goes crazy on a regular basis at 1-3 a.m. because of the raccoons, skunks, and opossums that come through my yard. I live within 50 yards of a large open area. The Nite Guard Solar lights have been terrific in that I have not had a single problem with the critters invading my coop over the past 2-3 years since using the lights around my chicken pen. I’m trying to keep the streak alive!

Michael A. Johnson, D.P.M., Petaluma, CA

We were going to send the lights back until your staff  people corrected the way we had mounted them. They then worked perfectly to protect our birds after that.

J. Topete, Live Oak, CA