Explore Nite Guard Solar by Predator Animal

Nite Guard Solar® is a trusted name in the predator control business. We have a reputation for delivering a quality product that has proven effective time and again. Invented in 1997 by owners Jim and Betty Meyer, Nite Guard Solar is a family owned and operated business that provides superior property protection with a real solution.

As the original, Nite Guard Solar produces unmatched results in preventing unwanted visits from nighttime predators. Poorly made, sub-par imitations never deliver the same results as Nite Guard Solar. Furthermore, our predator deterrent lights are a cost-effective solution, especially compared to steeply-priced knockoffs.

Nite Guard Solar can be used for diverse purposes, including protecting poultry, livestock, gardens, vineyards, orchards, ponds, cabins, campsites, pets, and property. Automatically activated at dusk, Nite Guard Solar's red flashing light aggressively threatens predators. Quickly frightened away, these nighttime nuisances never return again.

If a night time predator has been a threat to your property's safety, learn how our lights can swiftly end your troubles. From raccoons to coyotes, owls to deer, explore how Nite Guard Solar works.