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Protecting Chickens in West Virginia

By ----Martha V.
I live on a farm in rural West Virginia, and I am a widow!!! I have about 40 chickens, and give my eggs away to whoever wants and needs them!!! At one point about a year ago, it was heart breaking almost every morning to go out to my chicken house and pen and find several of my chickens dead!!! read more >

Ducks and a Fox Problem

By ----Craig R.
Craig Robinson ducks and fox problem[I] bought my first ducks 6 yrs ago. [I]t didn’t take long to find out [I] had a fox problem. [I] did some searching on the net and came across [Nite] [G]uard and purchased a few. read more >

We Have Not Lost Any Livestock

By ----Lester J.
All I can say is that we have not lost any livestock to predators at night since we put up Nite Guard. read more >

100 Year Old Chicken Coop

By ----Benita H.
My chickens are housed in a 100 year old coop with cedar shingles. 4 years ago the raccoons found [that] they could chew through the shingles and eat my chickens. I was desperate. read more >

Thank You for Taking Part in Our Community Blog Contest!

By Nite Guard LLC
Nite Guard Community Blog ContestWe’d like to thank everyone who shared their stories and experiences with us during our Community Blog Contest in April! Congratulations to Craig R., our lucky winner, who won 4 Nite Guard Solar lights! read more >

Nite Guard Community Blog Contest

By Nite Guard LLC
Nite Guard Community Blog ContestWe want you to get involved in the Nite Guard Community! That’s why we’re hosting a Community Blog Contest. Find out how to enter the contest here. read more >

Welcome to the New & Improved Nite Guard Blog: Introducing Our Community Blog

By Katie Berning
Welcome to the new and improved Nite Guard Blog. We are excited to offer you the best predator protection tips on the web in a fresh, new design that makes reading and navigating around the Nite Guard site much easier. Along with our updated design, we are happy to launch the Nite Guard Community Blog. read more >