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Nite Guard "Disco Lights"

By ----Tonya D.
We had lost six chickens every 10 days to a hawk or owl that was swooping in and getting our young layers. I bought 4 lights and [put them] out on a pole. read more >

Coyote No Longer Attack Sheep

By ----Gail N.
Shawn and I were away for a daughter's wedding in Jamaica and on returning we found a coyote had been attacking our sheep. We could see the path from the back of the farm he was taking to get into the yard from the south. read more >

Deter "Two-Legged Predators"

By ----Stew F.
Living in the rural forest means accepting the critters that also live there. Our Nite Guard objective was to create a razzle-dazzle effect to deter two-legged predators. read more >

Neighborhood Theft Issues

By ----Steve W.

Over this past winter, there were a couple of theft issues in our neighborhood. We place[d] our Nite Guards around the perimeter of our home.

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Electric Fencing vs. Nite Guard Solar Lights

By ----Michael P.

In preventing predation on my flocks of ducks and geese from raccoons, foxes and coyotes, since I discovered Nite Guard two years ago I've found the small flashing red units to be enormously superior to electric fencing.

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Using Nite Guard Solar Lights for 3-4 Years

By ----Zois R.
I have used my original [Nite] Guards for 3-4 years now without any problems. I have them around my chicken coop. I have not lost any chickens to any pred[a]tors. read more >

Fox Runs Away with Prize Hen

By ----Robyn C.

I have a problem with fox, coyote, raccoon and skunks. I have put up elaborate expensive fences, electric fences and all kinds of traps. One night I caught a fox running through my back yard with my prize hen in its mouth. I chased the fox on foot to the fence line

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Manistee National Forest

By ----Theresa W.
Theresa W.'s home in Manistee National ForestWe live in the Manistee National Forest and have bear, coyote, raccoon[...]list goes on. We have Ducks, Geese, Rabbits, Guinea Fowl, pigs. read more >

Lights & Tape a Lifesaver

By ----Cheri C.
Cheri's ducks

I have kept chickens and ducks for over 6 years. I was having land and air predator trouble! Land predators included foxes, opossums, and coyotes. Air predators included hawks and owls.

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Using Nite Guard to Protect Rose Garden

By ----Suzanne G.
I love to grow roses and began to have trouble with deer invading and eating the new growth and blooms. I tried many things including soap and stinky sprays. It was quite a chore keeping up with trying different things. I was so happy to hear about [Nite] [G]uard, and I was hopeful that it would work. It was so simple to install. read more >