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**Light is not motion activated by animal, instead it flashes continuously from dusk until dawn**

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Protection Against Night Time Predator Animals

Nite Guard, LLC’s owners, Jim & Betty Meyer (also owners of our sister company Oakwood Game Farm, established in 1967) invented this product back in 1997 to stop predation on their farm.  Nite Guard, LLC is a family owned and operated predator consulting business where we answer the phone direct almost 24/7 and your order is shipped the next day because we know how frustrating predation problems can be.  

Don't be fooled by knockoffs that claim to do a better job of repelling night animals but cost $50 to $100 more or offer a different flash configuration.  Nite Guard Solar® has been repelling night predators and keeping tens of thousands of customers safe for over 16 years and doing so at the affordable price of $19.95.  Why look further?

        Use Nite Guard Solar® to Protect:

predator control checkbox Poultry & Livestock
   predator control checkbox Gardens, Vineyards & Orchards
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Cabins, Campsites & Property


Nite Guard Solar® has been proven effective in repelling predator animals through overwhelming evidence from testing by our company and tens of thousands of users.  Nite Guard Solar attacks the deepest most primal fear of night animals – that of being discovered. The simple but effective fact is that a flash of light is sensed as an eye and becomes a threat immediately to the most ferocious night animals. 

WE are the original.


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Nite Guard Repellent Tape

Day time issues with animals?  Check out our Repellent Tape by clicking here.

"We installed Nite Guard Solar lights to prevent beavers from coming into our area from the nearby creek.  I am thrilled to say they have not returned!  I cannot tell you how appreciative we are that you are providing this product.  Thanks so much!!!"
Karen in NC

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"I am a landscaper, and have a client who has a deer and rabbit problem beyond anything I've ever experienced, plants eaten as if they have been run over with a lawn mower, shrubs defoliated as if they've been in a nuclear war!  I've ordered lights from you twice and love them.  So - deer and rabbits beware!  Love your lights, they work GREAT for deer if moved regularly." 
-N. Rich in MD

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