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Gifts for Everyone in Your Life: Gardeners, Beekeepers, Ranchers, Bird Lovers & More

By Nite Guard LLC
Nite Guard holiday gift guide 2016

Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the season to give and be grateful. When you choose gifts for loved ones this season, consider what could make their lives better. Use our gift guide below to help you find a great gift for just about everyone in your life.

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How to Protect Chickens in Winter: Tips from Backyard Poultry

By Nite Guard LLC
Nite Guard Solar Happy New Year!

A new year is ripe with possibility, of setting and completing goals, of making improvements in all areas of life. With a new year ahead of us, we’re interested in your New Year’s resolutions.

For our part, the Nite Guard team set the goal of reaching even more people seeking predator control. And that’s why we were delighted to be mentioned in a recent Backyard Poultry article. read more >

Holiday Gift Guide: Gift ideas for that special person who needs a predator deterrent solution

By Katie Berning
The most wonderful time of the year is here! Have you started holiday shopping? Though a fun tradition, holiday shopping can be stressful. So, this year, we say, “Skip the stress”, and choose Nite Guard.

Give the gift of Nite Guard this holiday season. Do you have loved ones in need of an effective, maintenance-free nighttime and daytime predator deterrent? Nite Guard Solar and our Repellent Tape are proven effective at deterring nocturnal and diurnal predators. read more >

Nocturnal Hunters & Night Vision

By Nite Guard LLC
rods versus conesAs certain animals have adapted to the daytime, others have adapted to the night. In order to survive, nocturnal animals evolved senses that would help them navigate, and find food. Most notably, nocturnal animals have eyes that are well-adapted to low light conditions. read more >

Prevent Owl Attacks During the Winter Season

By Katie Berning
Nite Guard Solar founder and inventor, Jim Meyer, has owned and operated Nite Guard Solar's sister company, Oakwood Game Farm, since 1967. In the almost fifty years that Meyer has worked at Oakwood Game Farm, raising all types of game birds from chukar partridges to ringneck pheasants, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge on how to protect birds from owl attacks during the winter season... read more >

How to Deter Owls with Nite Guard Solar

By Katie Berning
When it comes to outdoor security lighting ideas on how to deter owls, the team at Nite Guard Solar has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Nite Guard has developed a safe, effective, and environmental way to protect rabbits, purple martins, geese, and chickens from night predators like owls. Since deterring night predators of all kinds is our specialty, we have created a product, the Nite Guard Solar, and a way to install our signature outdoor security lights, so that it has become the only product available to effectively deter owls... read more >

21st Annual MOSES Conference

By Nite Guard LLC
I am back in the office today after a great trip to LaCrosse, WI to the 21st Annual Organic Farming Conference held by MOSES (Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service). What an impressive conference they put on! They have both a conference and an organic university that spans 3 power-packed days there. read more >

Nite Guard Solar® Receives Media Attention in Mesa

By Nite Guard LLC
Just had to share this interesting article with you all today. Jim and Betty Meyer, inventor and owners of Nite Guard, were recently interviewed in Mesa, AZ by Joan Wells who was doing feature articles on the entrepreneurial spirit being alive and well in Mesa...and the interesting inventors that are showcasing their inventions at the Mesa Market Place. Enjoy! read more >

Losing Sleep Because Coyote are Killing Your Goats?

By Jim Meyer
Your eyes snap open, you look at the clock, its 3 a.m. and the sound of the howling pierces the night. There is no doubt what this is – a pack of coyotes has moved in close and are probably headed for the stock you moved into the north pasture last week. Your mind races: the snares and traps you’ve set better do their job or you will be out several head of prized goats. The stock is probably up and nervous. Should I head out with the gun? How many times have you experienced this or something similar in the past? Night predators are not evil creatures. They are merely living their lives the best they can, like the rest of us. But to a goat raiser - coyote, wolf, bobcat and bear are anything but welcome when you have time and money invested. read more >

A New Solution for an Old Problem: Using Nite Guard Solar

By Jim Meyer
Losing calves, sheep, goats and poultry to night predators will end without harming them, using a flashing light – guaranteed! Nite Guard is that solar powered, flashing red light and it turns on and off automatically each night and morning - and it totally repels night predators. Almost sounds too good to be true, however, this unique product is currently being used by thousands of farmers and ranchers to protect their livestock. read more >

Things Have Changed!

By Jim Meyer
When we first started raising game birds here at Oakwood Game Farm in the late sixties, our state game and fish people were more than willing to provide us with drawings and installation instructions for capturing hawks and great horned owls as a control measure for protecting our livestock. read more >