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Nite Guard Saved My Garden

By ----Jo Zeno

Nite Guard saved my garden.

I live in the city but have a garden. Animals ate my garden so I put up a tall chain link fence with rebar all around the garden every three inches. They still ate my garden!

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Keeping Animals Out of Garden

By ----Karen D.
I've tried a number of things for keeping animals out of my garden. Two most effective: Urine around the borders; posts intermittently along border to which I've nailed a repurposed onion bag. read more >

Raccoon & Chicken Coop

By ----Ken D.
Bought this a week or so ago because a raccoon tried to enter my chicken coop. He tried to chew through the doors and the small window, but out of luck he failed. Searching options to protect my "girls" I found the Nite Guard. read more >

Heritage Chickens, Flower Beds & Greenhouses

By ----Ann M.

We have used Nite Guards to protect our flocks of heritage chickens and turkeys and they are very effective. Have recommended them to a historical society that was having problems with deer in their flower beds.

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Protecting Guinea Hens for 3 Winters

By ----Ray

[I] have 20 Guinea Hens and half of them sleep in the coop and half of them sleep above the coop in the trees. I use some Landscape Low Voltage Lighting and the [Nite] Guards.

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Cats & Owls

By ----AJ J.
We are in Maine and have enclosed a large yard with a cat fence but have a concern about owls, eagles and the like. Many of our cats are small and may be vulnerable. read more >

Living in Black Bear Country

By ----Wayne L.
[B]ears and bees, I live in black bear country, and [am] a beekeeper, I use an electric fence AND 4 [Nite Guard] lites. read more >

Nite Guard "Disco Lights"

By ----Tonya D.
We had lost six chickens every 10 days to a hawk or owl that was swooping in and getting our young layers. I bought 4 lights and [put them] out on a pole. read more >

Coyote No Longer Attack Sheep

By ----Gail N.
Shawn and I were away for a daughter's wedding in Jamaica and on returning we found a coyote had been attacking our sheep. We could see the path from the back of the farm he was taking to get into the yard from the south. read more >

Deter "Two-Legged Predators"

By ----Stew F.
Living in the rural forest means accepting the critters that also live there. Our Nite Guard objective was to create a razzle-dazzle effect to deter two-legged predators. read more >